Transparency Reporting


Covid-19 Preparedness Plan:

(1)  Annual Operating Budget and Subsequent Revisions

• 2017-2018 Approved Budget
2017-2018 Amended Budget
2018-19 Approved Budget
2018-19 Amended Budget
 2019-20 Approved Budget
2019-20 Amended Budget
2020-21 Approved Budget
2020-21 Amended Budget
2021-22 Approved Budget
2021-22 Amended Budget
2022-23 Approved Budget

(2) Summary of Expenditures Expressed in Pie Charts

(3) Lists of the Collective Bargaining Agreements, Health Care Plans, and Audit Reports

​(a) DCP does not have a collective bargaining agreement.
2022-23 Health Care Rates
(c) DCP Audit Report 17-18
 DCP Audit Report 19-20
(e) DCP Audit Report 20-21

​(4) Salary and Benefit of Superintendent and Employees with Salaries Exceeding $100,000
DCP does not have a superintendent. The school is a public school academy operating under a charter contract issued by an authorizing body. The school is governed by a publicly appointed Board of Directors, who serve without compensation. The Board has entered into a services agreement with Distinctive College Prep (DCP). DCP is an educational service provider. Through this services agreement, DCP is responsible to provide for the day-to-day operations and staffing at the school, including the school's leadership team and teachers. 

• Employees with Salaries Exceeding $100,000

​(5) Total Amount Spent on Dues Paid to Associations
DCP does not have dues paid to Associations. ​

(6) Annual Amount Spent on Lobbying or Lobbying Services
DCP has not spent any money on lobbying or lobbying services.

(7) The most recent state approved deficit elimination plan.
DCP does not have a deficit.

(8) Information on all credit cards maintained by the district
DCP does not have any credit cards.

(9) Information on out-of-state travel by district administration
DCP administration has not traveled out of state on school business using any school funds.

(10) DCP is not required to solicit bids for its benefits plans.
DCP procurement policy
(12) DCP reimbursement policy
(13) DCP Board did not incur any expenses and has no employees.


  • OUR CHARTER CONTRACT: See all information about our contract with Central Michigan University here.

    ​Annual Education Reports: 

Continuity of Learning Plans: 

Title IX

Wellness Triennial

All stakeholders are able to participate in the development, review, update, and implementation of the Local School Wellness Policy. Please contact the school office or Brooke Lynch (blynch@distinctiveschools.orgfor more details.

MDE 98C Grant